Get to Know Me Slightly More than Before | Q&A

Hello again! Today I thought I’d do a post about me, because seeing as it is me writing this blog, you might as well familiarise yourself with yours truly.

  1. My name is Rose. I won’t tell you my surname because you may choose to stalk me, which frankly is not a situation I want to be in.
  2. I live in the U.K. 
  3. I am still in school. My age is such that I am legally writing this blog.
  4. I like playing guessing games πŸ˜‰

This is the point where I’d do a  Q and A, but as I’m just starting out, there’s no one to ask me questions. So, being the ingenious, out-of-the-box thinker that I am, I’m going to go ahead and make up some questions myself.

  • What’s the meaning behind your blog name? It’s sort of a nickname.
  • Where would you travel if you could go anywhere in the world? The Amazon Rainforest. It would be so full of life.
  • What’s your favourite food? Lasagne. Let me take the opportunity to remind you that it is indeed ‘Lasagne’-the popular layered bolognese dish, and  not ‘Lasagna’-the pasta sheets used to create it. Thank you for your time.
  • What’s your proudest moment? When I created the pun ‘I built some DIY furniture yesterday. I’m so proud of myshelf.’ Are you laughing? Of course you’re laughing. I am joking, my life is not that sad
  • Who do you hate most in the world? A certain newly elected President of a country which shall remain unnamed. Also Kim Kardashian.
  • What are your favourite books? Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Lie Tree, Animal Farm and Jane Eyre. Yes, I am often called a nerd. 
  • What is your favourite band/artist? All pop artists are stupid *waits for roars of indignation*. All they do is mince around and sing fake lyrics which make no sense. They don’t make sense because the pop artists are not clever enough to write coherent sentences. If they were clever enough to write coherent sentences they would have a proper job and would not be pop artists. Also, can we take a moment to be angry at the fact that Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature at one point. Those songs degrade literature. They are not literature. Give me Mozart’s Turkish March any day.
  • What was your worst grade in a test? 85%
  • What are your favourite subjects at school? English and German.
  • And your least favourite? Music and R.S.
  • Marmite? Nah
  • Do you like waffles? Yes I like waffles.
  • Is it the end yet? Yes. Cheerio.



9 thoughts on “Get to Know Me Slightly More than Before | Q&A

  1. Myshelf… Haha, I am trying to laugh quiet, otherwise people in the room will look weird at me. I’ll be reading The Lie Tree next month, I haven’t heard a summary of it (I think I have read it, but I forgot), but I like going into books without knowing much.

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  2. wtf no shawn mendes’s lyrics has a true meaning to it so smh not ALL pop artists songs have no meaning to it. if you think that you defo haven’t listened to shawns songs yet so go listen to them. all 3 albums, and i really recommend his ‘live at msg’ album it’s so good oml. i legit cried listening to his songs they hit me hard right in the feels. so you get my point right shawn mendes is amazing and his songs are amazing and his lyrics actually mean something and i get really emoSHAWNal (get what i did there) and i’m basically promoting shawn mendes because he is my boyfriend and future husband and future life partner. if anyone doesn’t like shawn (*cough cough* ibby) they are ignorant. no offense πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you for that interesting opinion Amy or person pretending to be Amy, however Shawn does not know that you exist and he probably never will. If he did, he would probably appreciate it if you spelt his name with capitals for his initials. That pun is horrendous.


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