A Slightly Strange Poem

Oh iambic diameter! The cheesiest of all structures. Do not read if you cringe easily. Disclaimer: I am sane in real life, I promise.

  • Ze name is pig,
  • And ven eet’s day
  • Or ven ze sun
  • Ees out to play
  • Me run to France
  • Eet’s vat me vants
  • Ze food ees gut
  • I like croissants

Please do not take this post seriously. If you would like to replicate this poem (of course you would, why am I even asking?!) then:

  • The rhyme scheme is *A*A/*B*B
  • There are 4 syllables per line
  • The last two lines are supposed to be the ‘punchline’

You’re welcome. Au Revoir.


P.S  Can you tell that I’m running out of ideas?


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