A Completely Legitimate Theory

…fully backed up with scientific evidence, naturally 😉

What if humans have already existed before us humans but we just don’t know that humans have already existed before us because we are arrogant and believe we are superior to every other living species and therefore automatically assume that we are the first wondrous example of our kind. There could have been humans before us which had evolved from atoms and bacteria and apes just like we did but were destroyed somehow like the dinosaurs were. But the dinosaurs might come back to existence because evolution repeats and reverses for example if birds were forced to live in deserts they would slowly become tougher and become carnivores or even cannibals etc. So maybe we evolved the other way, or maybe we are the second or third lot of humans on earth but we just don’t know if we are or not because everything was destroyed. For example what if the big bang was the second big bang but we just assume it was the first big bang because why not. So maybe everything we have done has already been done before and we are just living a repeat of the previous homo-sapiens inventing electricity, technology, architecture… Maybe they even got further than us and we just don’t know. So maybe everything that we have done is worthless and has been done before.

Always look on the bright side of life, right?

Farewell, adieu adieu adieu


P.S  I might post more ridiculous theories as they’re quick and easy to come up with…I’m definitely not lazy.


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